Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I knew it was out there…

OK, Eunny? Eunny Jang? The one who wrote the suspiciously reassuring steek article I read in Interweave (I’m sorry if you haven’t gotten it yet – I not only got it, but promptly mislaid it. I had help mislaying it but I accept full responsibility for my own inability to remember that anything I ever set down, anywhere in the house, is subject to being migrated elsewhere by any one of the ten other busy little hands in this Den)?

But I digress. Rantingly.

ANYWAY. She’s got a blog. AND, she’s got a really, really bodaciously awesome article series The Steeking Chronicles. Woo hoo! I knew something like this existed out there.

Of course, the byline in the magazine saying, “Check out her blog at {uuuuuuuh, yeah, well, I didn’t think I was going to lose the magazine all THAT fast!} helped me in this realization. Google rules, and so does having a name like “Eunny”. Go ahead. Put ‘Eunny’ in the Google bar. Ah-HA! You see what I mean?!

Anyway. In no particular order…

Yes. That is a baby diaper changing pad on my washing machine. I find the height to be just right for the purpose, and it saves me from having another piece of furniture eating up footprint in my Den. (When Captain Adventure was tiny, we had two pads: one on the washer, one on an old desk currently serving as a…really strange dresser.)

The finger is better, although knuckle-wounds really stink. I think what I hate most about such injuries is that they are so idiotically insignificant, and yet…they horn in on every single activity you undertake. They ache, and you expect to look down and see a gaping wound…but no. It’s tiny. Get out the microscope, so I can show you the horrific injuries I suffered yesterday.

Oh well.

I need to work over the budget double hard, because the daycare thing and the Christmas thing and LORD GOD this birthday thing is costing ka-ching ka-ching. Oh, plus also we just had concrete curbing poured in the backyard, a prelude to getting a new patio and sidewalk and putting in actual playground bark around the swings and slides rather than using our current safety method of standing at the kitchen window yelling, “Don’t you kids fall off of there! It’ll hurt!”

And hey. It’s almost eleven, and hey! I’ve got to get up at 4:30! Can anybody tell me why I’m sitting here blogging nonsense when really – I ought to be sleeping? Yes, you in the back? Because I’m more than a bit dim and incapable of learning from past experience?

Hmm…yeah, I’d have to call that an A+ answer, son…


froggiemeanie said...

I got my magazine and I promptly hid it from the other hands in this house. I lost last fall's issue somewhere in this sty and it is not going to happen again. I'm in love with Eunny's sweater in this issue but afraid I won't look as dazzling in it as the model does. Better finish and steek Telemark before undertaking anything else.

21st Century Mom said...

Blogging = avoidance. If you don't go to bed maybe tomorrow won't happen. Oh wait. That's not right - then we go to bed.

Start saving for weddings today - I'm not kidding. Even a cheap one is expensive. Even girls who don't want 'that' wedding want a nice party. How is it we have 529s for education and nothing similar for weddings? It's a mystery.