Monday, May 29, 2006

YES! of the day

Twitz is back.

I am happy beyond all reason. I have something to look forward to again. Perhaps a weekly *SNORT!* or groan or other expressions of ‘Dawg, but that was funny…’


Ahem. The paragraph above was added by Captain Adventure via the Farmer Leap inteli-talk toy. “Hi! I’m Farmer Pad! Listen to my banjo!!” {cheerful banjo music plays as he slams it on my laptop keyboard}

The only reason this toy is not in a million pieces right now is because…Captain Adventure adores it. Loves it outside of all reason. Has been known to give up one of his World Infamous temper tantrums for it.

The only reason he hasn't been murdered in cold blood for hitting my laptop with that stupid toy? Well...he's awful cute. Also, I'm told it's against the law to kill them. No, really. I have it on good authority. Even if they have just moved on to smacking you in the back of the head with the toy.


Anyway. Twitz is back. I am very happy. That is all. I am now off to wrestle the toy away from Captain Adventure and suffer the Toddler Wrath that will inevitably follow.

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A. Klemmer said...

Thanks for the ink, as it were.