Thursday, May 25, 2006


I’m having a banana instead of Rice Krispie Treats for my after lunch sugar fix.

I fully expect to be seeing this on the six o’clock news tonight: {breaking news music} “BREAKING NEWS! For the first time in recorded history, Tama has voluntarily chosen something healthy for a sugar fix! In spite of having cookies, Rice Krispie treats, cocoa, and all the fixing necessary to whip out a quick cream pie, she has chosen a banana! {image of banana flashes onto screen} We’ll have the exclusive footage for you at eleven…but for now, we turn to our Senior Health Correspondent, Dr. Fatnomore, to discuss the rarity of this occurrence and the possible outcome for Democrats all over the state of California…” {/breaking news music}

OK, so it isn’t that dramatic. But after yesterday…when I decided to eat four cupcakes and a Rice Krispie treat and two Lean Cuisines for the two hour exercise in gluttony I tried to pass off as ‘lunch’…I’m feeling very proud of myself.

Especially since the fruit bowl is right next to the treat basket. Which reminds me. I think I saw some of those little miniature Twix bars in there…

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