Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a world, what a world...

[ed: um...yeah...posting from moving train...using cell phone...NO idea why all that HTML-stuff ended up in there...on only HALF of the post...fixing, because I am compulsive that way...]

[ed2: holy moses...does auto-correct do this all the time and I haven't noticed yet? "if" instead of "of" and "in" instead of "on" think my toes are curling up...]

The baby blanket is in the final stages now...I "just" have to pick up a total of 636 more stitches along three more edges, knit five rows in garter on them, then cast off.

Then seam the three panels together.

Fix a portion where I'm not happy with how the yarn was carried.

And then promptly hide that fixed part under a fabric backing, unless I come to my senses FAST and realize this is totally unnecessary.

IN OTHER NEWS...I forgot my wallet this morning. Which is hardly a surprise, because I am still so wildly off my groove post-vacation, it is a wonder (and a blessing my coworkers aren't aware they should be thankful for) that I am remembering to put on clothes in the morning.

I also decided to give bringing a lunch a miss, because I am currently "between bags" for toting my work-stuff, my last wheeled case having spontaneously combusted literally over the course of three days.

These two things were rather disconcerting, when put together. I mean, we're talking about a 24-hour fast before I would be somewhere where there was FOOD-food. Sure, I could get lucky...scavange some meeting leftovers or something...but....well.

I'm already having some trouble with "unexplained" weight loss lately - my lifestyle being literally 20 hours of 'go' to 4 hours of sleep all week, high-energy at work, dashing for trains and shuttles, then getting home, changing into Garden Clothes and taking a stomp around the garden weeding, picking, fertilizing, etc. etc. etc., before coming in to cook something, clean something, and research something before bed, I go through an awful lot of calories every day.

You too could be this "effortlessly" skinny. Why people aren't jumping on this diet plan is BEYOND me.

So I was...a little panicked. I have a couple crackers and a small bag of dried apricots in my drawer at work.

AND THEN.......I remembered.

There are apps for this.

So I went into Starbucks, got a scone and another mocha...and swiped MY PHONE in front of their reader.

And they gave me food

And I can do the same basic thing later for lunch, using online ordering.

What a world we live in, huh? We can spend our money so effortlessly, we don't even have to have any direct way to access it on our actual person.

[ed3: I got a HUGE salad for lunch - I mean enormous. And I used Ebates money that was sitting in my Paypal account, so, no actual forms-of-payment were needed. AND THEN, they were so badly messed up (and I was so 'don't worry about it, man, happens to all of us sometimes') that I got a free cream cheese croissant with peaches! Which is still in my fridge! BECAUSE! One of my coworkers? She got us these jelly cookies with powdered sugar on them? And I ate it? Like, in three bites, between the words "oh {chomp!} I {chomp!} couldn't {chomp!} possibly {belch!}"? And then I was all, THIS IS SO COOL, because, now I can have my croissant [you hafta say it right, cwaaaaaaa-SAHNT!] on the train, and I filled my thermos with hot water so I could drop one of my tea bags in there while waiting for the shuttle so that I could have that Perfect 8 Minute Tea thing by the time we got to the station [what? that's totally normal] and then I would dine on my cwaaaaaaa-SAHNT on the way home ooooooooonly, guess what else? I had a small bag of chocolate toffees in the SUITCASE-sized bag I'd been meaning to bring home for about a week now but hadn't, but then today I said, "Look, you don't have THAT much stuff, and this's got to get home sometime..." AND THEN THERE WERE CHOCOLATES IN IT. Coincidence? I think not. I think it was $DEITY going, Dang, girl, you are sooooo entertaining! Can't believe I could make something so, have a candy...then do that thing where you try to run away from your seat while the strap of your luggage is wrapped around the middle bar of the seat, because you were trying to finish that row [like THAT was going to work anyway, heh, they're so CUTE at this age!] even though you totally knew your station was coming up fast...]


Tola said...

in a pinch (such as today) it's a miracle. but i know youre too smart to get addicted to it.

PipneyJane said...

Glad you didn't have to starve today. (Starbucks, when will you offer this service in the UK?)

- Pam

ps: my word verification is "is me"

Colleen Mole said...

you are too cute. and i want your croissant. :) (damn South Beach, grumble grumble)

Anonymous said...

Yep, entertaining all righty! I liked the unedited version - gave this Luddite a slight idea of the underpinnings of the innerwebs. Pens & pencils are simpler but slower....

Lisa T said...

There's a web site for that. fyouautocorrect (dot) com. Plenty of giggles