Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Home again home again…

We got home last night, and got back to work today. This was not easy. I mean, it wasn’t easy because when is it ever easy to go from hiking around looking at stuff like this…


…to composing emails that are all like, “Well, if we don’t want to niffle-bing the rels pertaining to the hoozerwhammer, we’ll want to make sure we recursively scrub for the nickel-plated nimbuckets before we zizzerwhal.”

Or…something like that. Whatever. I had a few slight motivational issues.

Also, it took me almost two hours just to get out of email jail. Two hours! To clear out enough stuff that Outlook would once again send and receive emails.

…and then lock me back in jail because oh dear, somebody ELSE sent me a spreadsheet…

Plus, I forgot (it having been about twenty years since the last time I spent any time above 8,000 feet) that I have some Interesting Issues when descending from On High back to sea level.

Headache, body ache, hung-over feeling, and then? Nosebleeds.

It was an awesome day. Also, for about the next week or so, every time my nose even threatens to run, I’ll be diving for the Kleenex like a demented person because I am now traumatized.

But fortunately, the headache was bad enough when I woke up at @^*&@ o’clock that I kicked the alarm clock clear across the room and went back to bed. So nobody at work had to witness the sudden explosion from my sinuses. Or deal with me and my incessant whining about it. And everything else. Because the hung-over feeling includes that weepy / angry / somebody-done-smack-the-wasp-hive emotional thing.

Double Awesome!

But tomorrow, I’m definitely packing up and going back to the office.

It’s for my own good.

Because the zucchini bushes? They are trying to kill me.

(No, really. I grated about eight pounds of them tonight and threw them into the dehydrator…there’s another fifteen pounds or so on the dining room table waiting for me to do “something” with them, and the bushes are still making MORE.)

(The pole beans are still all “eh, we’ll get around to making beans when we’re darned good and ready, and we’re not ready yet…” but OHmyGAH, there are so many “gonna be” beans hanging off those vines, when they do go, it’s going to be bean-a-palooza around here.)

(And the kidney beans are popping up all over the place. But the stuben yellow-eyes? Not a single one yet. The seeds may have been too old…or they might just take WAY longer to germinate than the kidneys. Time will tell.)

(Why do I always have 52,000 more things to tell everybody than I have time to talk about?!?!)

(Also, seriously, that picture up there? DOES THAT NOT LOOK TOTALLY FAKE?! I mean, I was standing right there, in front of that, and it STILL looked like something from a movie set. Like if I walked over and pushed at it, it would just fall right on over. That's the Devil's Postpile, and it is a crazy example of Nature being way better at creating alien landscapes than we are.)

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