Thursday, August 18, 2011

Captain Adventure came into the kitchen with one of his many, many, many, many, oh-so-VERY-many inventions and asked - nay, demanded!, that his portrait be taken forthwith. As his loyal subject, I of course did. Forthwith. Many pictures of him feature this slightly strange, grimace-smirk. It's his Picture Face. He came around to check my work, frowned, and said, "Oh. So DAT'S mine face when I do dat. Hmm." And then he went back to inventing. Ah, the things we 'Typicals' have trouble grasping....can you imagine not just KNOWING what kind of expression you were making, when you smile for a camera?! The way autism crosses wires can be so...fascinating, sometimes.


Tola said...

i took my daughter to a professional photographer when she was about 5 or so. he was very charming, flirting with her and me. "Mom, come over here and look in the camera and see how pretty she is!" my daughter immediately jumped up from her pose and ran to the camera to see herself, and was surprised when there was nobody there!

Anonymous said...

You know - he's wanting to show you his invention and he's making "eye contact" with the camera - that's big stuff, MotherChaos.