Thursday, June 30, 2011

Knit on...

June has been a killer of a month. Long hours at work, with extra servings of Crazy, insane expenses that have left me at a record low in my checkbook...which is why it was almost inevitable that my agency screw up my direct deposit for this pay period.

Oh yeah. Best way to ensure something like that happening is to be saying to yourself as you nervously fork over YET ANOTHER payment you hadn't planned on, "It'll be paycheck will be fully settled in the account by the 25th."

OR, it will be a physical check, which I probably won't receive before the 6th, and which will then take 3-5 days to clear the local bank, then another 3-5 to make the transfer to our main accounts at ING.

Now owned by Capital One. (rubs forehead)

Ah,'re always there for me when I'm getting stressed the @&$#* out...

(First strip, almost complete...only three more to go...)

(And about three weeks to due date)

(Crap, now I have MORE stress...!)

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Layne Bushell said...

you'll make it. the knitting looks so good! I'm envious of your talent!