Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I left work shortly after 4:00, and arrived home shortly after 7:30.

And I told you that so I could tell you this: I realized about six minutes after leaving the office that I should have hit the ladies room before doing so.

And I shared that lovely example of TMI with you so I could then share this: I spent the next three hours hurrying up to catch something that would take me somewhere a bathroom was NOT.

Which is why (I now continue sharing, because I am a GIVER), I was...VERY fidgety by the time I finally skidded through my own front door, and I dove for the bathroom without pausing to say a WORD to anybody.


...there is this terrier-like scratching at the door.

Then there is the usual "MOMMY!!!!!!!! {mutter mumble whisper}..." "whaaaaaaaaaat?" "OH! I SAID COULD I {mutter mumble whisper}..." (repeat about six times)

It wanted to know if it could have food.


I have been home less than sixty seconds. I ran - RAN! - into the bathroom like it was a bomb shelter and the siren was going reeeeere-reeeeeeee-reeeeeeeeee.

...and you think, what...that I have food in my pockets? That I brought home a 12-course feast and laid it out Somewhere Secret, and will give this information to you now, whilst I am sitting benevolent upon my throne?!?!

{...rubs temples...}

Sometimes, I REALLY wonder about those kids of mine...common sense, they haz none...

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Steph B said...

It's not a matter of common sense, it's the wide-spread belief amongst children of the world that mommy can and will produce ANYTHING out of thin air at any given moment. I mean, come on - clearly you've been doing that since the minute they were born, right? Why in the world would they think things are going to change now?

Oh, and by the way....teens may not admit it, but they do still harbor an unseemly attachment to that fantasy, even if they think Mom is a complete embarrassment in every other way. Perplexing, but there you have it.