Monday, April 04, 2011

In which irony is not lost upon me

I am in that phase of the commute when I have hurried up to wait, standing around at the shuttle stop waiting for the next bus.

It will be a long wait; as happens all too frequently, I missed the last one by a HAIR, which means an hour of kicking my heels until the next one.


But, such are the fortunes of war, and I tell myself that this is NOT a 'drag' but an 'opportunity'...for extra thought and writing. Because I last actually finished a Money Monday post on a Monday...uh...yeeeeeeeeah.

Aaaaaaaanyway, I'm sitting there, at the bus stop...across from The Mall...sweating like a pig...yawning...unable to keep my eyes open...too hot! Direct sun! No shelter! Tired!!...growing!...dim...!, in maaaaaaaaaaalllllllll...!

(Which reminds me: Any reports of Zombie Apocalypse in Pleasanton? Just me. Needing coffee. VERY, VERY BADLY)

As I bellied up to the espresso bar, slapped my card and Contigo down on the worn counter and barked, "Grande quad mocha, no whip, extra hot", well...I got a free double shot of irony.

Because I want to finish working on a piece about money and budgeting, I just paid $3.50 for espresso liberally spiked with chocolate, sugar and milk.

Extra. Hot.

...even though the Final Straw that sent me scurrying (aside: me + scurrying = comedy) across four busy lanes with NO traffic control of any sort (aside #2: why do malls do this? "Let's put the train station and bus stops here! And let's skip crosswalks, stop lights, etc.!") was the fact that I was too flippin' hot.

Ah, are with me always...

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Rena said...

all bets are off when you miss the bus. enjoy the coffee