Thursday, April 07, 2011

Buttons, Honor and Wasted Effort

The husband and I rode back a few stations last night so that we could get seats together.

Then we promptly gave them up to an elderly couple and stood almost all the way.

...stupid sense of honor and decency...why can't you let me be like all those young, healthy people sitting in the seats labeled, "Reserved for disabled and elderly persons...Federal law requires that these seats be surrendered to elderly and disabled passengers"?!

Sigh. Oh well. Back-ride effort wasted. Back and hip requiring increased levels of pain medication last night (and apparently today too...meg...).

But sense of honor and decency intact.

In other news, I finished the main body of the hoodie this morning! Woo hoo!

...but, change of plans, I must use buttons, not a zipper. The Captain hath informed me that a zipper is a non-starter for him.

I still don't know why; he was being VERY autistic about it, walking around in an agitated circle muttering about zippers and bees and jackets and honey and Animusic videos and candy and pennies and could he pway a game-UH on mah TAB-uh-WET?

...which means he doesn't know how to say what he's thinking, and is frustrated by this but ARGH, why can't you just READ MY MIND...?!

Poor baby...autism is so unfair, sometimes...he's not 'retarded', there us NOTHING wrong with his logical processes and frankly, I suspect that inside his head, he can talk like a politician...but when those thoughts need to be spoken, the whole system just locks up and crashes.

Ah well. Laptop is booted - time to work! I have a lot of fun analysis on tap it even allowed to enjoy your job this much?!?!


Colleen Mole said...

Poor kid. At least you go the "NO zipper" part of the exchange.

And, oddly, I'm back at my old job where I get to make really colorful spreadsheets! I'm so excited about it! :)

Steph B said...

Poor Captain, that has to be incredibly frustrating. As Colleen said, at least you got the important part! And yay for you, giving up your seats to the elderly couple. Nice to see a little courtesy and respect for the elderly.

Booa said...

Hi, Tama, as a mom of a high-functioning autistic boy who was nonverbal at two but now *can* talk like a politician, I feel fairly sure that you are correct, that his logic and his ability to express himself are excellent.

One of the pup's OTs said, he's very fluent in his native language, it's just that his native language isn't verbal. It helps when I think of verbalizing as a second language for the pup, helps me to relate and help him bridge the gap between what's in his head and what comes out.

And as I said, he's so verbal now, that his teachers are stunned he was ever nonverbal. It seems like a bad dream I had sometimes to me, too.