Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Do they make teflon pants?

Googly is coming along nicely. The nice thing about Ye Olde Stockinette is the can just rip right along without a whole lot of FEAR when you're on the straight up 'knit the whole row, turn and purl your way back...repeat ad-infinitum until you are ready to claw your eyeballs out, or the piece measures X inches, whichever comes first...

HOWEVER...I have a slight problem with this yarn.

It. Sheds.

Like crazy-mad. And the downy fuzz CLINGS to whatever it touches.

Like, say, MY PANTS. It did it to a new pair jeans earlier this week and freaked me out...Gah, what's this yellowish-green stuff, did I get chalk on myself or something?!

No, just cotton yarn fuzz. Which would NOT be brushed off but required a lint-roller to remove.

And what am I wearing today?

Black corduroys.

I look like I've been...walking through a Sidewalk Chalk Zone or they make teflon-coated pants? 'Cause I think I need some while finishing up this project....

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Steph B said...

Okay, fuzzy pants kinda suck, but the sweater is adorable!