Thursday, September 30, 2010

We interrupt the other 47 works in progress...

..with a sock.

The thing about "on the go" knitting is, there frequently comes a point where they become more pain than pleasure, you know? I spent half an hour trying to do one ear on the anime-inspired hat. Each row on the shawl is now taking twenty minutes or more, and setting it down mid-row is perilous in the extreme. Eldest's Lillehammer is getting too big and awkward to carry and work on in cramped, swaying quarters.

Thus...I am making a sock. You know, real quick.

Because it is fast, easy and light.

And also because crawling around under BART seats trying to find the #2 DPN you just hurled wildly across the train is sooooooo much fun! (You meet the most INTERESTING people that way, too..)

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Panhandle Jane said...

I love that yarn! Can you give specifics, please?

A sock, a plain sock, is always dependable on-the-go. If I can't manage that, I know I'm too sick to knit.

Anonymous said...

Very nice yarn!

I don't know about the new friends from crawling around on the Bart, though... Ginnie

Anonymous said...

NICE yarn! Details, please. Did you toss that needle or were you trying to hit someone? You know, from among those friendly wild-eyed people on Bart?
Nancy FP in Ferndale