Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red umbrellas and food dye

This red umbrella makes me happy: It represents the impending end of the Umbrella Wars of 2010. SEE, sisters got umbrellas at the Bean Festival. The bother...did not.

War ensues.

So, behold the $3 umbrella, Bringer of Peace.

Also, San Francisco Chinatown tip: this same exact umbrella on the Union Square end of Grant was $6. The further "out" you go, the more the prices tend to drop.

This pork bun, however, is NOT red...and in a development that will cause food purists to blanch, I really miss the obnoxious red food dye that used to make the BBQ pork nestled in that sweet steamed dough a most unlikely red.

It came from the same bakery where The Lady My Mother used to take me, from the time I was too young to do more than gaze raptly at her while SHE had one. Ah, nostalgia...

They're still awfully good, and at just a buck a bargain.

..but still...

I kinda miss that bright, undoubtedly toxic red dye...

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Trina said...

Red ones can still be found in Oakland chinatown. In fact, I'm going to have one tomorrow!