Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the sock yarn is...

Soles & More by Sensations, available at Jo-Ann's craft stores. It's a typical 75% wool / 25% nylon blend on the lower end of the sock yarn scale; I believe I got the two balls of it at a local Jo-Ann's on shocking discount a while back.

I think I paid $4 for both balls. Which is why I bought them (and a couple other balls in other colorways too) when I already have so much sock yarn around the Den that I have drawers I can't close, boxes I can't close, Space Bags I can't close, and plastic storage totes I can't close and I'm sorry, but am I sensing a pattern here...?

...but c'mon, four bucks for a pair's would be like walking away from FREE GOLD that was just lying there on the curb...!

I'm finding it to be a perfectly decent sock yarn. Nothing wrong with it, but it isn't spun of unicorn mane or anything. (Which isn't fair. I mean, it's competing with stuff from Lisa Souza and Rabbitch, here, people, it's like throwing me on stage at the Miss America contest and expecting me to do well in the bathing suit competition.) ("Herrrrre she is, Miss OHMYGAH MY EYES!!!!!!!")

It is the ever-so-poetically named color # 1812, or TP/GRN/BLU. (TP? What the heck color is TP? Taupe? Nah, that's boring...maybe it's Trefoil Pasley? Turnip Petals? Toilet Porcelain? Trembling Parsley! Which would also be a great name for a punk band, wouldn't it? And now, the Trembling Parsley! {ROAR! sez the crowd...})

And the thin yellow strips are charming the dickens out of me for some reason. They're just so bright, verging on being jarring but somehow pulling back right as they begin to teeter toward "too much."

I started the heel flap on the first sock on the last leg of the homeward trip. Amazing how fast a sock seems to go, when you've been working on lace for the last stretch of forever...


Anonymous said...

Thanks! The yellow does just pop perfectly!

Speaking of your Lillehammer project, have you had your pattern forever? I've been trying to find it and not being successful. Ginnie

correspondent said...

Glad to hear that you can use Space bag to store your yarn but it sounds like you need a few more! I dropped by the den today to let you know about Space Bag's online community, Space Savers. The site, is dedicated to saving space and getting organized. We'd love to hear your story or product review, plus members get discounts on products.

Space Savers community correspondent

Jeanne said...

I especially like the deal on Jo-ann's yarn when you can use a 40% off coupon. Have you tried the Deborah Norville sock yarn? It has bamboo in it and is very soft when knit up.