Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This blog has been temporarily hijacked

By a sinus infection.

Not mine – Captain Adventure’s.

It’s a doozy, been going on probably most of the weekend (which is just one of the many ways speech delays suck – they tend to lead to things getting really out of hand before the non-verbal cues are dramatic enough for the caregiver to go, “Waitasecond…maybe this isn’t just an average, every-day sort of sniffle!”), and he is now uncomfortable, feverish, blocked up and runny, has a nasty cough (probably due to excesses of nasal ick taking the next best way out, since the first best way is thoroughly blocked off), AND (because insult loves injury) being forced to consume massive quantities ohmyGAH do you people not know my stomach is only the size of my wee little fist?! two teaspoons daily of an antibiotic that stinks, sucks and is otherwise NOT yummy.

My poor baby is not a happy camper right now. Thus, he is clinging to me whining, crying, complaining and saying, “Wet me sitz in yer WAP!” any time he somehow finds himself not sitting on my lap.

Not exactly conducive to writing.

Or thinking.

Or pretty much anything other than cuddling the sick-ee and saying inane things like, “There, there…poor baby…this really stinks, huh? OK…OK…there, there…”

Why this seems to be comforting to him I’ll never know.

Right. I’m going to grab a shower now, because if last night is any indication – he’ll be hollering for me within forty-five minutes.


C’mon, antibiotics…work…!


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Poor guy. Sinus infections do stink. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Not that military medicine is anything fabulous, but when we were kiddos, the protocol was (and I'm informed still is by a friend whose husband is active duty) to start off with a whomping injection of antibiotic followed by oral meds, I assume the intention being to slam it with a semi, before starting in with the baseball bats. I've experienced the same sort of thing on civvie street with doctors who listen to an incipient bronchitis and want to give me amoxycillin!!! to knock it back. Don't quite understand the rationale behind treating a nasty infection so conservatively, but ...
Written as I sit with no voice enjoying the aftereffects of a massive allergy attack. My sympathies to Captain Adventure.

Jeanne said...

I'm so sorry your poor little guy is sick :( Hope he is feeling better this morning. Am I right in guessing the antibiotic is Augmentin? We had to hold my daughter down and squirt it down her throat - fun times that I'm glad are over...

Rena said...

Captn! You poor little boo-boo head. Big hugs and a smooch from Aunty Terena. And a hug and smooch to my dear sis, who won't be getting any rest for the next few days (or a shower, probably).

Mother of Chaos said...

No, not the $6 Augmentin this time - he's got the $106 Cefdinir. It's *supposed* to be "better tasting" (and it does smell better, anyway)...but the Captain does NOT approve yet. He may like it better as his nose clears up, though - and it's supposed to be more effective in fewer days than Augmentin. At this price, it damned straight better be! (She said, grouchily.)

Steph B said...

Holy carp...$106??? Should have gold powder in it or something! Sheesh! Poor Captain....and poor Tama! It's rough when your babies are sick. Make sure you take care of yourself as best you can, too.

Bullwinkle said...

I'm seriously impressed. (Or I could wait till Thursday of next week to be impressed.)

I don't have 4 denizens (I've got 3 furry creatures!) and I can barely get a post out most nights. Let alone dinner.

p.s. Hope everyone is better - sick little ones (2 or 4 footed) is no fun.