Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stormy weather...

I've been up to my elbows all day today in such FASCINATING pursuits as cleaning out my closet and trying to simultaneously bake and clean the kitchen - that's gone exactly as well as you're all expecting it did.

It looks like a flour truck drove through here.

I was doing fine up until about two hours ago, when suddenly my energy level just went, "Pbbbbbbbth!" and I kept catching myself just sitting staring at something, thinking hard about such important things as jobs I had in the 80s and storylines for fiction novels I plan to get around to writing someday.

The last time, I was sitting on one of the bedroom ladder's steps (uh...yeah, when you line your bedroom with floor-to-twenty-foot-ceiling bookshelves, you do actually have a "bedroom ladder") staring at a massive bag of clothes that are going off to someone else...and the vast empty space where there should be "things I could wear to the office."

Even with this being a "jeans OK" place, well...the jeans can't be ripped, stained, dyed, or have knees that have the old backyard farm permanently ground into them.

Whiiiiiich pretty well eliminates ALL my jeans. Feh.

I sat there staring at the big bag of clothes, coming to grips with a painful truth: I have to go shopping.

For clothes.

Oooooh, GOODY.

I thought it was the very idea of shopping that had sucked the will to live out of me...until I emerged from the darkness of the closet into...the darkess of a big, rainy-looking cloud front.

Oh. I see. Even in the closet, some part of me KNEW it was fixin' to rain, and issued orders to curl up someplace warm and wait it out.

Oh well. Can't fight Nature, I always say! So instead of any more cleaning or (ugh) shopping, guess I'd better make some coffee and curl up on the couch, huh?!


Louiz said...

I feel your pain, I hate shopping for clothes for me. Curling up with a coffee sounds like a plan even if there's no storm coming!

Steph B said...

Good idea! I take your body is a barometer too? Don't forget a nice warm blankie to wrap up in!

Anonymous said...

As someone who regards actually buying clothes (as opposed to ‘Shopping’ in which you and BFF get tea with high calorie goodies and wander around lovely out door shopping areas giggling over what fashionistas think otherwise intelligent women are willing to subject themselves to) as truly evil, might I suggest the Internet?

Unlike the Mall, there are places online that have office wear for woman who are old enough to drink and of normal appearance. Most of them will ship free (including returns) if you break a minimum purchase level and the sales are as good, if not better than, you’d find at your average discount clothing store. Personally I’m partial to and and enjoy browsing; although Cold Water Creek tends to be a bit too ‘ladies who lunch’ for my lifestyle. (They are a great place to find something to copy for your next sweater project though.)

Or if you’re looking for really good buys just Google search what you want and a bunch of places will pop up with overstocks and seconds.

Ms. Packrat said...

eBay. I would guess that 90 percent of my outerwear comes from eBay auctions. And generally at less than 40% or original retail including shipping. A surprising amount new with tags.
If you know the brands you like and that fit you, it becomes even easier. I have searches up for my preferred brands and sizes. I have been in a mall twice this year which was more than the last 3 years combined.