Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey all you people...I just ate a saaandwich, not an ORDINARY sandwich...

(Bonus points for recognizing the song reference in the title.)

This morning started with a slight temper tantrum. SEE, I got a crummy night's sleep due to my husband's Super Power - which is that he can sleep through anything, AND, in the unlikely event that Whatever It Was *did* wake him, he can go back to sleep practically instantly.

I do NOT have this Super Power. in fact, I have the exact opposite of Super Sleeping Powers. I have the "takes hours to fall asleep, can be wakened by the sound of a fly landing on a windowsill downstairs and then need two hours to get back to sleep" curse.

SO! My husband peacefully slept through his own nasty-cold-enhanced Super Snoring, which Dog my witness was so loud it set off earthquake monitors as far away as Bakersfield, and I...didn't.

Thus I was already cranky before I even got out of bed to discover that elves had once again failed to come in the night and undo the disasters all over the house...most especially the one in the kitchen.

I'm already barely clinging to any modicum of civility before that first cup of coffee - when I can't MAKE said cuppa Joe without drama, well.

It can get ugly PDQ.

But I got the coffee started and then I made myself a sandwich for lunch.

I was kind of pissy about the process. Stupid rolls were all lumpy-looking. Stupid roast beef bag was all greasy on the outside. Stupid ale-based mustard wasn't open yet, stupid packaging, stupid scissors stupid missing stupid would it KILL people to put the stupid tools back in their stupid place after use?!

(Oh yeah. I'm CHARMING first thing in the morning. And prone to throwing things. And cussing.)

So I cut the roll with a knife that didn't seem TOO dirty and used a different mustard because the scissors (all 417 pairs we own) were AWOL, and put roast beast on it and then put on my jacket, went into my front yard, in the dark, at Wicked O'Clock, to pick spinach for my sandwich.

Seriously, I wish I could hear my neighbor's thoughts sometimes.

Other times, I am sooooo grateful I CAN'T.

Then I snarled goodbye and headed for the office, leaving my sick husband home with the sick child for the day.

The coffee had already made a big difference in my attitude about Things by the time I got to my desk...but then, I ate my sandwich.

Folks...try adding that 7-grain to your next batch of bread.

You're welcome.

Also? Spinach you just picked a few hours ago has a crunchy sweetness that is hard to match, even compared to farmer's market fare.

It's going to be a grind, trying to keep all these balls in the air...but it'll be worth it.

I only wish I'd had time to make some chocolate pie last night, too.


emily10 said...

Nothing like coffee and delicious food to make things look better! (I'm trusting you on that coffee thing there; I'm a tea person myself.)
And total sympathy about the snoring! As a kid, I would get woken up whenever my parents turned the stove on, a whole floor above me.

Trina said...

But not an Ordinary sandwich... That's Cruel!

At least that's the song I got into my head, Thanks! :)