Wednesday, September 02, 2009

In which my husband saves the day

This morning, I was telling my husband about my baggie issue. We discussed what fabrics were available and how keeping things simple was in order and the household thread supply and so forth and so on.

That's right, we're ALL ABOUT the hard-hitting, hot-topic conversations around here, yo.

ANYWAY, as he was getting up to hit the road, he said, "Well, guess I should make this weekend a sewing weekend...I've got a bunch of stuff in my mending box anyway."


Now, he does sew a thousand times better than I do. And he's the one teaching the girls how to make seams and other sew-y stuff.

And now he's got all these plans for various baggie types.

And he's given away the fact that he has his own mending box.

Which SOMEHOW just got three times fuller than it was before he left this morning.

..can't imagine how THAT happened...



Lisa said...

Well I think it only fair that if you are going to be assaulted by worms, the least he could do is sew some bags for the family. And I doubt a black-widow spider will crawl out of the mending box either. You win this one hands down.

Wow, a man with a mending box...The mind boggles...

Louiz said...

How fantastic! Problem sorted:)