Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Madness

In a few moments, I will be switching from this laptop to a different laptop so that I can begin doing some {gasp!} billable work for a client.

What. A. Concept.

But first, I wanted to take a moment to say something.


Whew. Glad we had this chat, OK, so, see you later…what do you mean, “That made no sense at all”?

OK, OK, it’s like this. We’ve just opened a new business, right? We’re in that phase right now where 99% of what I’m doing is what I like to call administrivia. Designing the logo. Getting “real” business cards. Putting together a website (eep). Networking. Dues and fees and all like that. Print out and mail the October invoices (yay).

Then today, I had the first monthly meeting with my partner. This is a tricky part of the business, because my partner likes to become a silent partner whenever the subject turns to things like how much money we do(n’t) have, and what we ought to do about that.

We have to make some calls and we have to make them pretty fast. There are three basic roads we can take on this deal, none of them are perfect…in fact, I’d have to say that each one is merely a different kind of imperfect. Risks and rewards. High risks, high potential rewards…but unfortunately, the low risk option is almost a guarantee of taking a severe smack-down eventually. Meh.

Getting my partner’s opinion on it was a bit like nailing Jell-O to a wall. I finally got it and I concur and now I have to make it so. Which is another whole can of worms. I believe I am now on twelfth guessing of myself on this deal.

Meanwhile, I spent most of Sunday watching House and finishing the Halloween vest. I’m all done, except for reinforcing and cutting the steeks, picking up the armholes, button and neckbands, and of course doing those parts, and finding and placing the buttons.

Other than that, it’s totally done.

I also cleaned 1/4 of my bedroom. That’s right! 25% done, baby! Which, pathetic as though that is, is tremendous headway compared to how much I had gotten done over the previous lo-these-many-weeks.

Also, I am now resisting the Cake Mania 3 urge something fierce. I just feel like I owe myself a little something for all this workin’ I’ve been doing all day, which has been not so very much fun, thanks.

Except that it is almost 4:00 and I still haven’t even logged in to the other client to see what, if anything, has happened over the weekend. (I’m voting for nothing because there is a certain trend there.)

RIGHT! Well. OK. I now have A Plan. I am going to shut down here and boot up there and confirm that yes, we still have no bananas over there and then!, I will come back here and play Cake Mania 3 until I have to go get Denizens attempt to clean the next 25% of the bedroom.

It is, as always, just a never-ending tumble of fun around the old Den of Chaos…

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