Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blast from the past

I just found an invoice from October 2002, from “Crafts Americana Group, Inc.”

The Artists Club.
Connecting Threads.

Heh. I bough 18 balls of Plymouth Yarn Indiecita Baby Alpaca for $2.99 a ball. Now it goes for about $7 a ball; even back then, I believe it was $6.

Anybody else remember KnitPicks back then? They carried other people’s brands, but had this “try it, you’ll like it” deal where one or two or three of their yarns would be on, like, a 50% discount?

Oh yeah.

I made myself an Irish Diamond Shawl out of that stuff – and I still have a few balls of it floating around in the old stash. Warm, soft, buttery, and cost me $53.82…free shipping

Suddenly I find myself thinking…that shawl could probably use a good washing and re-blocking…(anything to get out of dealing with the huge mess on my desk…)

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