Friday, July 21, 2006

Would you like some scam with that?

My cell phone has been ringing at odd hours the last couple days. By the time I’ve gotten to it, the call has been routed to voicemail. No message has been left, and when I attempt to call the incoming number I’m told the number has been ‘disconnected or is no longer in service’. Hmmmmmm…

So this morning, wonder of wonders, it went off while I actually had it with me. I looked down and saw the Mystery Number, which, by the way, is 727-541-0001.

Oh my, did I just put somebody’s phone number on the Internet? Why yes, yes I did. Why would I do such a nefarious thing?

Because it is a scam, gentle readers. A rather large one, apparently, and one that has caught altogether too many people in its web already.

The vermin on the other end of this number enthusiastically tell you that, as a valued {Mastercard, Visa, AmEx} customer, you’ve won a $1,000 (or $3,000) shopping spree! They just need to confirm your address and your security codes and they’ll send it, and your free puppy, right out…

Because I am paranoid, the moment I heard the bubbling voice on the other end of the line I knew they were trying to sell me something; the mental alarm bells roused themselves from their work-imposed stupor and shook the dust off warily.

When he said he was calling from Mastercard, every alarm bell in my brain was going ring-a-ding-ding. Mastercard is not going to be calling me. The bank issuing the Mastercard might. But Mastercard itself is not going to be calling me.

And as he went on to describe my Fabulous! Prizes!, the alarm bells stopped ringing and went back to their nap. Because they knew the job was done. No further need to ring, the Common Sense Police were on the scene.

I snapped, “Not interested, thanks, don’t call again” and hung up. Then I got on the horn double fast to my actual issuer and said, “Hey. You guys know anything about this?”

They said no, but hey – sounds like a new card number to me! And I said thanks and they said no problem and now…I’ve got a new card coming.

And some precious time will not have to be wasted contacting all my providers who use this card for their auto-billing.


Stupid phishing phone scamming bus turds! May the fleas of a thousand camels invade their armpits!!!!

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