Saturday, July 15, 2006


The next day, take that herbed Parmesan bread and slice it. Mash some Parmesan cheese into some soft butter and coat the outside of two slices and make yourself a grilled cheese with some more Parmesan, maybe some mozzarella, and/or some grated Pepperjack.

It does not suck. It really, really does not suck at all…funny, too: people are paying $15 for a sandwich like this at some bistro today. OK, granted, they also got a slice of lemon in their ice water and probably a salad. Maybe some curly fries.

Myself, I just stood over the sink and ate it while the kids had their version, minus the Pepperjack and laughed hysterically. You might not know this, but melted mozzarella is the funniest of all cheeses. It stretches. Really, really far, if you’re six years old, determined, and have no other goals in life.

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Moira said...

Man I am coming to your house for lunch!!