Thursday, July 13, 2006

Twinkle, Twinkle…

The Baby Experts™ wanna talk singing?

I tell you what, my boy, twenty-three months three weeks, can sing!

Your toddler can probably hum and sing songs such as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and make three-word sentences like "Dog run out."

Um, well. He isn’t really doing the sentence thing. He’s still limiting himself to one or two words and a lot of pointing and going, “Uh-uh-UH! UUUUUUUUH!!”

But Twinkle Twinkle? Pshaw! My boy does Mozart. He does Queen. He can imitate any tune you care to hum at him. A while back, he was sitting on my lap humming…something…something familiar…and then I realized it was an Irish tune called Banish Misfortune, which I had played for him one (1) time on the harp.

This is not the easiest melody in the world to pick up, people.

He is driving me crazy with the not talking thing, though. He understands what you’re saying, even fairly complex things; and he’s an emotional sponge, picking up on fairly convoluted adult feelings. But he pretty much only talks when we’re alone together, and then clams right up when I proudly announce, “Honest, he was just telling me about how he feels Plato was overlooking certain key concepts – go on, honey, tell daddy what you were just telling me? About the nature of philosophy? Captain Adventure? Tell daddy…go on…”

Nope. Just sits there, staring straight ahead as if to say, “I don’t know what the crazy woman is talking about – I’m a deaf/mute.”

He especially does this at the doctor’s office. Won’t even babble. Just sits there.

So I babble instead. “Well, but usually, he’d be saying ‘sock’ and ‘shoe’ and ‘bye-bye’…but right now he’s shy or something I don’t know because usually he just babbles like crazy when we’re getting ready to go…”

And the doctor is looking at me like, “Oh boy, another loopy parent in denial about her child’s obvious speech deficiency…next she’s going to say he’s ready for preschool…”

C’mon. I’m not that far around the bend.

Julliard, however, now…that I think he’s ready for…

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Anonymous said...

First off, I have to say that your blog and a few other *mom* blogs keep me sane - especially at work for little humor breaks here and there. ;o)
Secondly, my daughter, Layla, talks up a storm, sings too, but will not do it on command.
I think it's just a strong will and a need to do their own thing, not any kind of speech problem.
Maybe Captain Adventure only feels like talking to mommy at the moment!
It might also be difficult for him to get a word in with three older sisters. ;o)