Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Missing the point

Barron’s had an article this week about Diageo (a leader in liquor – manufacture and distribution of such brands as Smirnoff, Guinness, and Bailey’s).

I read the article (I really did), but the whole time I was thinking, “Hey! I have a friend who works there! I wonder what she’s up to this weekend…hmm…doesn’t she get booze at a discount or something…?”

I’m sure the article had a point.

I just…sorta…missed it…

(OK, not really - the point was basically that stocks like Diageo tend to ride out recessions better than others, because no matter how bad the economy may get we humans will tend to put our booze-buying at the top of the priority list. They pay a fairly decent dividend and still have some room for growth, although with today's price being right below the 52 week high and Anheuser thinking about going toe-to-toe with them I don't know that I'd move huge amounts into the stock at this precise moment. I might open a conservative position, though. Hmm. I wonder if shareholders can get booze discounts...?)

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Moira said...

going camping this weekend... and yes I get the discounts... need anything?