Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The things we don't know...

My husband did not know that the Den of Chaos has financial ‘closes’.


Now how, I ask you, how, can this man have not known that when I lock myself in the office for two days on or about day 10 of April, July, October and January, that I am doing a quarter close for our books?

Seriously. A fairly rigorous, in-depth fiscal checkup EVERY quarter, for TEN YEARS…and he has no idea that I do this.

Apparently the fact that I tend to repeatedly come out of the office clutching graphs and spreadsheets and spewing out things like “how in the world did we spend $5,872 on ‘dining’ this quarter? This $58.07 from Home Depot, was that for the back yard, or was that the drywall in Captain Adventure’s room? And somebody had damned straight better explain this $2,721 for pay-per-view movies…the $8,827 for yarn I understand, perfectly natural that, but pay-per-view movies?!” never clued him in.

Oh no. It wasn’t until, while talking about other things, I mentioned in passing that I probably would be reevaluating my working situation during the Q2 close rather than Q1 due to several weeks of data being ragged that he looked at me with an expression both amused and surprised and said, “Wait – you do a ‘quarter close’ for us?!”

I think it really does prove one thing: any time I start talking about finances, he really does only hear, Blah blah blah Ginger blah blah blah Ginger.

Oh well. I understand. I do the same thing when he starts talking about dts packages [here ends my knowledge of actual terminology] with the thing on the other thing and I think there’s a server involved…or something…and anyway the code did this other thing? Which was cool? But then this other thing happened which was not cool and blah blah blah something something something and then, uh, he fixed it. Somehow.

With, uh…code.


Myownigloo said...

It's good to know that my DH isn't the only idiot on the planet.

(Oops. That came out wrong.)


It's comforting to know that the manifestation that makes me think of my DH as a complete and total idiot is probably due to a Y chromosome rather than an undiagnosed case of mental retardation.

PipneyJane said...

Your financial fame has obviously passed him by. Has he registered the existence of your other life on TMF? Or is that a case of "blah blah blah Ginger", too? :o)

- Pam