Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I feel so much better now

So. Somebody at Google made an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, what’s it between friends kind of boo-boo, and posted the wrong damned spreadsheet on the corporate internet site.

Hey, it could happen to anybody. So many spreadsheets, so much pressure to get things posted, STAT! Shoot, I’ve sent out the wrong file a few times in my day, too.

‘Course, my blunders along those lines never, say, caused a company with 304,000,000 shares outstanding to lose $6.65 per share in market capitalization in a single week.

That’s $2,021,600,000. TWO BILLION BUCKS {and some spare change} in market cap. Zap! Gone (for the moment – tomorrow, someone will whisper ‘Google is hot’ in a bathroom somewhere and the stock will undoubtedly soar like the phoenix on newly-feathered wings…)!

That is not gonna look good on the old resume. No sir, it is not.

And suddenly, I feel so much better about sending out a report a couple weeks ago that was missing a handful of items because I pulled from the wrong table.

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