Friday, March 17, 2006

DOH! Of the Day

Every so often, I'll get a phone call from my husband that sounds like this: "{indistinct mumbling, car noise, books on tape rumblings, maybe a car horn}"

It will go on, and on, and on. I can shout into the phone all I want, he isn't going to hear me.

This would be on account of because he's sat down in the car, leaned on a button or two, and the phone has said (on account of because it is a Highly Intelligent Phone that tries to guess what you meant by all that button pushing), "Ah ha! This man wants to call his wife!"

And it will cheerfully dial for him, and once it has a connection with the house, it will not let go.

I have hung up on these calls, only to pick up the phone moments later to find it's still there.

{Twilight Zone Music Here}

But, I digress.

The DOH! Of the Day goes to Johnny Ray Miller and Robert A. Patterson of Enid, Oklahoma, in honor of their astonishingly bad combination of timing and number dialed.

And, when I become an evil overlord…no autodial on my cell phone. Check.

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