Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Things to amuse and entertain

Let’s see. In the playroom, we have approximately $1,486,273.28 worth of toys currently all over every conceivable surface, all for His Most Royal Self’s entertainment pleasure. We have toddler-appropriate videos. We have a Leapstart Table. We have dolls and cars and blocks and Lord alone knows what-all else in there for him to play in both developmentally sound and/or fun ways.

So, what has been entertaining my toddler for the last, oh, hour? Any of the approximately $1,486,273.28 worth of toys currently all over every conceivable surface in there?


It would be his sisters, running back and forth in the kitchen while shrieking, “Catch me! Catch me, Captain Adventure!”

He has been chasing after them for, I’m not kidding you, an hour. Shrieking with laughter the whole time, even while panting for breath. He hasn’t a prayer in the world of catching either of them, since they have at least a three year head start on him in terms of running, but he’s sure having fun trying.

If there is any cooler sound, though, than a trio of young children having a blast with something as simple as dashing back and forth around a kitchen, I haven’t found it yet. Not to mention that infant laughter is so utterly infectious that I don’t care how bad a day I’m having overall – I can’t help laughing back.

In other news, I scored a folding yarn stand similar to this one at a local thrift store, only older. It is lined, with pockets, and fairly old – the wood is somewhat age-worn and feels really cool. Five dol-lah, thank you please. Oh yes. We are pleased.

And hey - guess what else has occupied Captain Adventure for hours and hours and hours on end? Little known fact about these folding stands – they can be pushed all over the place when set on Pergo. Also, the pockets are fascinating, even when empty. Plus, the chains that keep it from falling open too far as just way cool for flicking and otherwise messing around with. In addition to which…it has yarn in it. Yarn, in case you hadn’t tried it lately, is delicious. You can suck on it, run it over your sore gums, and pull-pull-pull it out of the balls – added points if what you’re pulling isn’t from the ball end, but the knitting-needle end.

Just ask Captain Adventure.

He’ll tell you all about it. He can also tell you about the subtle flavor and texture differences between acrylic (yuck) and wool (yum) and even alpaca (a little strong flavored, but goes nicely with a lovely sippy cup of grape juice – cellar temperature, of course).

And nothing tells mom you love her like leaving her a wadded up pile of loose, sucked-upon yarn in the bottom of her knitting stand. Aaaaaaah, lovely

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PipneyJane said...

I love that wooden stand. I've had one for years and refuse to throw it out, even though one of the bottom dowels is broken.

(Biggest disappointment of last Christmas - I'd asked for a replacement, but my MIL thought I meant a wicker basket and spent days hunting for one. I couldn't tell her that what she bought me wasn't what I wanted.)

- Pam