Monday, August 08, 2005

Random yet timely

Usually, my random memory bursts are fairly useless. Things will occur to me like this: “Oh, I needed to call my mother today!” Then I glance at the clock and decide that 2:15 in the morning is probably not the best time to discuss arrangements for the next family gathering.

Old phone numbers, street addresses, the name of That Guy Who Used To Play Shakespeare at Faire, and the time some asshat cut me off on 680 in 1987 when my dad was in the car and so I couldn’t even respond with appropriate commentary. That’s usually how my random memory works.

But today, I had one that was a score. Sitting in my rocking chair telling Boo Bug, yet again, to quit sucking her fingers and rocking Captain Adventure, who is sick and one very unhappy little Super Baby today.

Suddenly, out of the blue, I thought, Did I ever pay the water bill this month?

Huh. I have a scheduled reminder on that, right? So I shouldn’t need to remember that kind of thing, right? They send me an email, and I take care of it, that’s how it works, right?

But…huh…I just don’t have a clear recollection of actually paying the bill.

So I jumped online and checked and no – no, I had not. The late fee would have been $40 (ouch), and would have applied if I had waited another six hours.

Will wonders never cease! My irritating random memory actually produced something useful today!

Stay tuned tonight, for the “did I pay the car loan?!” attack at midnight…over a loan that has been paid off for six years now…

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