Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Boo Bug just came in to me and complained that her show had turned off in the middle and wouldn’t come back on.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Mommy’s working, sweetie…please go watch…oh wait…

So I went over to see what the problem was, expecting to find that somebody had pushed a button or something…and instead, my nose is assaulted by the unmistakable scent of Busted Electronics.


It can’t be!!!

But yes, it is. The TV, dear friends, is feeling at best a little under the weather.

At worst, it is flat-out busted.

I’m doing one of those lame, “Let’s just give it a few hours with the fan on and see if, once it cools down, it comes back on” things right now. It is, after all, over 90 degrees in the playroom where it resides, and it has been entertaining a sick preschooler for three hours straight (do NOT tell the Mom’s Club, I’ll be banned for life – it wasn’t even Noggin, just plain old Nick!).

But I’m pretty sure it’s just dead.

Which means that I will have to {gasp!} interact with my family tonight! Oh, the horror…!

What shall my husband do without Monster Garage, World’s Hugest Building Projects, and Pointy Things Being Lobbed Into Space? How will my preschoolers survive the “mommy’s working!” phase of the mornings without Noggin? How will Mommy survive without the Closing Bell on CNBC, the evening news, How Clean Is Your House and Horrific Crimes Committed Decades Ago Covered Yet Again In Tremendous Detail?!

How will we survive?!?!

Look for much whining in days to come. I just spent more than I had for the month already on The Perfect New Chairs™ for the front room. Curse you, Going Out Of Business Sale! I could have bought a new TV with that money, but noooooo. I got chairs.

Which would be great for watching TV in. If we had a TV. Which we currently do not.


Actually, this may be a blessing in disguise. Honestly, that damned thing has been on way too much of late. To be doubly honest, there isn’t a thing on it that I need - sure, I enjoy watching the news, but I can get it online. Without paying $60 to the satellite company, too.

And haven’t I just been bitching about not having enough Means to cover our Living?

Why yes. Yes I have.

But still. It was so young! Maybe after a little rest, it will be blaring noise and disturbing images into our life again.

Here’s, uh, is ‘hoping’ the word I’m really looking for here…?


21st Century Mom said...

Canceling the cable was the best thing I ever did when my kids were little. It seems daunting and impossible to imagine life without the electronic nanny but it works out really well. It is a little known fact that watching TV and suffering road rage are intimately connected - or something like that.

Of course we still had tapes and then DVDs.... but still.

good luck!

Very Herodotus said...

It's 90 degrees in your house? Is the AC busted too?

Seriously, I couldn't handle that heat. We'd have to run around naked all the time. I couldn't take it. How do you sleep? Don't you stick to the covers?