Monday, August 22, 2005

Ooooh, here’s ANOTHER one!

…and I quote, straight from the email…


From our records we understand that you are qualified in your profession.
Our Univsersity would like to present you with a Pre-Qualified degree.

To obtain your degree with valid transcripts call:
{number deleted just in case someone out there is silly enough to dial it }

Janet Vickers
Administration Office

Oh my, oh my. Where to begin?!

We’ve got one, two, THREE! Three misspellings! Madam is a one-d kind of word; last time I checked, University only had one ‘s’ and Sincerely had two ‘e’s.

Good gravy, folks. I mean, good gravy. Would a quick dash through the spellchecker be too much to ask?! And I can recommend several good sources for basic business letter punctuation.


Just send a SASE with $29.95, and I'll rush-rush-RUSH it right out to you!

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mapletree7 said...

but, hey, valid transcripts!!