Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kid's Medicine Recall

A friend forwarded this to me this morning; I also saw it in the newspaper over the weekend and just spent a little quality time on their website.

Parents, let us network the word out.

Important anti-panic notice: No child has been harmed by these medications as of yet. This is a matter of quality control not having been up to snuff, and they want to recall it rather than take any chances. So if you've given your kid(s) some of this stuff and nothing has happened, it probably won't happen now.

Which makes me feel a darned site better, seeing as how we've had a bout of cold/flu sweeping through the house the last couple weeks and the kids have drinkin' this stuff like soda pop. Sigh. Does kind of piss me off that I just loaded myself up with two bottles of everything Friday morning, though…timing, it is the essence of both comedy and aggravation…

If you click through to their website, they have a NDC lookup function that will let you know if your specific bottle(s) are on the recall list (all of mine, ALL OF THEM, even the ones I just bought) (did I mention that? That I just bought, like, 6,000 bottles of the stuff?!) (oh, I did…OK, carry on then…); they also have a form you can fill out for up to six bottles, and you can choose between a high value coupon (basically, "get a replacement bottle free") or a check refund for the average retail price of the bottle.

You can also call to discuss things if you have more than the six bottles and/or need a little extra assistance. Scuttlebutt is that the wait times right now are bordering on ludicrous (imagine, they seem to be getting a LOT of calls this morning...), so be prepared for an overdose of "your call is important to us, please stay on the line" and elevator music.

Subject: Major recall on kids otc drugs

On 4/30/10, McNeil Consumer Healthcare issued a voluntary recall for the following liquid children's medicines:

Children's Tylenol
Infant's Tylenol
Children's Motrin
Infant's Motrin
Children's Zyrtec
Children's Benedryl

It is recommended to parents and providers that these medicines NOT be administered.

For more information on the recall and for product reimbursement, visit http://www.mcneilproductrecall.com/index.jhtml or call 888-222-6036.

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