Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey look, kids, another Friday!

This week has been…well, it’s been…wellllllllllllll…


Yeah. About like that.

I am so tired right now that I could go to bed – and it’s only 5:30, y’all. On the plus side, I just turned OFF my work laptop, which means that nobody can ping me for “just one more quick little thing” until I choose to turn it back on again.

Which might be tomorrow, because I have just one more quick little thing I’d kind of like to get done before Monday morning. Because I have caught the disease, y’all. There is no hope for me. Save yourselves.

To be honest, the week went by so fast I’m a little startled to find myself back at Friday already. It’s just a blur of commuting and sleeping, really, with frantic periods of activity between.

And now just when I should be starting to relax and be thankful that it’s over and I’ve got two days off…my brain is beginning to ramp up the weekend chore list.

And what a list it is, too.

With the big tomato planting largely failed and most of the back forty(yards) available for Other Things, well, I’m moving on to Other Things. Which is all well and good but the main thing I really want to get done this weekend is the front yard – which looks like freeze-dried, reconstituted, microwaved crap thank you very much.

The fact that it has looked that way for a full decade now is beside the point. As I have spoken, so let it be! HAIL, PHARAOH! {CLASH!}

All kidding aside, what I want to do up there is not completely epic…but I think it’s what we need to do. The dirt strip is going to become raised beds – made out of the good stuff for once, out of good clean wood that we paid {GASP!} actual money for, and built with attractive hardware wherever it might show. We’ll put in three or four smaller beds, and line the spaces between them with gravel. (Heh. I typed ‘gavel’ first, which is kind of what I’m banging here – silence in the court! The Honorable Me is addressing you! Bow before me, peasant, as I declare your fate, which is that you will spend this weekend doing woodworking to please Me! HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) (um, yeah, my husband? He kind of doesn’t know he’s doing all this tomorrow. I mean, he knows about the project, but I think he kind of missed the part where it is happening right-now. Oops.)

And then we’ll plant them with shade-tolerant stuff – herbs, lettuce, spinach, stuff like that. Real square foot gardening, instead of the hybrid version I do in the backyard.

Which is square foot gardening, just without the boxes…I still have the “hard work” of breaking up the ground (which can be tedious but personally I don’t find it distressingly so) (yet) and the weeds can become a bother if you don’t stay on top of them, but at the same time, you know how you can grow even more in a constrained space? If you don’t take up a whack of that space with bulky boxes!

But it does look…weird. And a lot more random than it really is, actually. Which is OK in the backyard, but up front I’d like to have it look more…purposeful.

And if it could also look tasteful, well, you know…bonus.

Oh, wait, I’ve got to run. The husband just came in and was telling me how happy he was that this week was over? And I was all, “Yeah, it was a rough one all right…so! you ready for the weekend?”

And he asked, warily, “What about this weekend?”

And I said, “You know, the beds, up front.”


“Well, yeah.”

{pause while he desperately searches for any hint that I am joking and about to say, “Ha ha ha, no, let’s just sit around eating junk food and watching movies instead.”}

Finding no such signs, he ran his hand wearily through his hair.

“Well, @*^&@. You’d better get outside with me so we can take some measurements…”

Oh, he loves me and my little home improvement projects…!

coming, dear…

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Steph B said...

I do that to my husband too, although in our house it's usually either "Hey, can you move _____ for me so I can paint the walls (bizarre color of choice)?" Or else "Honey, could you build me a such-and-such for my jewelry display? You know, about so big and kinda like this and maybe shaped like that?" To which his response is always "Can you draw it for me?" Gosh, I love that man. :-)