Thursday, May 13, 2010

Five centimeters each way

Not that I'm counting or anything.

Today is Ride Your Bike To Work honor of which, I almost killed my very first cyclist this morning.

You know how sometimes you're kind of driving on auto-pilot and maybe aren't paying the absolute best attention you could to your environment?

Yeah. Dude on the bike was doing that this morning. "La la la, ridin' my bike, oh, there's the train station on my left across four lanes of traffic, I'll just swerve across all four lanes without so much as GLANCING around me, let alone signalling my intentions la la la..."

In related news, the brakes on my Civic are fully functioning. Which is why he was still alive to be all embarrassed when we were on the platform together and I was giving him Mommy Look #112, "What the (beep) was THAT?!"

In also related news, I have been WIRED ever since. Brrr. Killing someone by running over them with my car is SO not on the "to do before I die" list...

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Stephanie said...

I passed a "conference bike" tootling along El Camino on my way to work yesterday. It took up pretty much a whole lane and really disrupted traffic as it was going a good 30 miles per hour slower than anything else on the road. OTOH, it is cool.