Friday, February 27, 2009

Sooooo, does this mean I’d get $4,000?

OK, so. Yes. From the You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me files…the following.

Woman answers ad for bird by offering kids as payment.

Paul and Brandy Romero advertised that they were selling their pet cockatoo for $1,500.

A woman named Donna Greenwell responded and said she wanted to buy the bird. Greenwell then told the Romeros that she was taking care of three children whose biological parents were going through a separation.

Greenwell proposed selling two of the couple's children to the Romeros for $2,000, saying that her job as a truck driver made it hard to take care of the children, said Capt. Keith Dupre of the Evangeline Parrish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana.

The parties allegedly negotiated a trade involving the two kids, the bird and $175.

YA KNOW…there are things that never cease to amaze me. One is that some people insist on going into childcare in the first place. Another is that other people would be so…reality impaired that they’d think it could possibly end in anything other than Being Arrested. Not only because DUH, it’s wrong, but c’mon. These kids were 4 and 5 years old! They weren’t even so small they’d have no ability to blab their little heads off, to everyone they meet!

Even Captain Adventure would manage to blow the whistle on this kind of arrangement.

Which is a darned shame, because I saw this really cute kitten at the adoption center the other day, and I was thinking Hmm…too bad I can’t afford the $150 adoption fee….saaaaaaay, I wonder if they’d take a KID in lieu of CASH?

(Honestly. What were they thinking? I’m just trying to get my arms around what kind of reality you’d have to live in, where this kind of thing could Make Perfect Sense…)


Lydee said...

woah. crazies.

Anonymous said...

You never know... once when my extremely colic-y 4-month-old drove us to drive out to the farmer's market at 5 am (after being up since 2am listening to him scream), I offered to trade him to the nice lady who was giving away kittens A kid for a kitten; seemed like a sweet deal at the time. Unfortunately, the lady turned out to work at my office, making me look like ReallyUngratefulMom. We kept the kid...and are really glad that we did.

Heidi said...

People - cookoo!! I joke with my stepson on occasion that if he gets really out of hand we'll take him to Mexico and sell him. We'd get a good price for a towheaded kid with muscles. He laughs, but I should probably not say that anymore. Heaven forbid someone who doesn't understand my humor would hear me. Then again, there are people out there who would actually do such a thing. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Okay, granted there are days when I joke about selling my three for a nickel and asking for change, but it's a JOKE. And to do that with someone else's kid? That is beyond belief. I really feel for those children, too....can you imagine how they feel? People are just sick.

marit said...

There are some really crazy people out there...

BOSSY said...

That is the scariest horror movie Bossy has ever (not) seen.

Anonymous said...

You know, considering that the biological parents haven't bothered to check on the kids for a year, and the baby-sitter was a truck driver with an arrest record, maybe the kids would have kept their mouths shut, simply because the people they ended up with were the only ones who actually cared what happened to them.