Friday, February 06, 2009

Invisible Alien Menace: THWARTED!

My “office” is in my bedroom, right?

So is my bed, which Dharma has claimed as her personal property. She likes to spend her day – all of it – curled up among the pillows, alternating between regally watching me work and snoring.

A few minutes ago, I became aware that she was not merely snoring, but sawing some logs. That’s right. The cat was raising the roof with her zzzz’s.

{snork} mew! {snork!} mew! {snork!} mew!

Then, just as I was getting over a very immature bout of giggling about how cute her snork-mew snoring was…she suddenly jumped to her feet, eyes wide, hair on end, hissing wildly, and CLAWED DESPERATELY AT THE…uh…the nothingness that was, erm, you know…there

She felt my helpless laughter at her expense was in very poor taste, indeed. She gave me a scolding for my poor breeding, informed me that while I might think there was nothing there, it was actually an Invisible Alien Menace that only her alert response had kept a bay, then promptly curled back up, put her tail over her nose, closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

This was, oh, two minutes ago?

And right immediately now…she sounds like this:


Huh. Probably trying to lull the invisible alien menace into a false sense of security, so that she can again leap! to the defense of home and hearth, claws a-blazing…


Anonymous said...

Those aren’t invisible aliens she’s defending you from. Those are Grues. (see if you don’t remember them.) And for her valiant defense of her people, she’s entitled to some nice tidbits from your dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm no good at suppressing laughter at my cats, either, and they resent it bitterly.

Thanks for the Friday giggle!

Dysd Housewife said...

Sooo..what you are saying is that your cat is off it's rocker. LOL

Galad said...

Brave Dharma defending her family. Yes, tidbits are definitely in order.

Threeundertwo said...

So funny. Cats just hate to be laughed at.

One of mine snores softly and drools in her sleep. Must be embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Our Lab/Pit bull puppy snores like a freight train. His crate is downstairs, our bedroom is upstairs, and sometimes we can still hear him rumbling and snorting down there. Of course he might do better if he didn't sleep on his back with all four legs sprawled gracelessly in the air...but since that's how "his" boy sleeps, I guess it's just a sign we got Seth the right dog!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I've never had my cat try to kill invisible aliens (though he does try to beat the snot out of the blanket every so often) but he is one loud snorer, like yours.

He's been known to actually wake me up with his snoring - it's amazing how such a big sound can come out of a skinny little body.