Friday, January 30, 2009

Thankful Friday

(Part of a new series wherein Tama refuses to leave a work-week on an angry, depressing, ranting or otherwise ‘dark’ note.) (Because I think maybe Tuesday is a better day for such things. Monday has troubles enough of its own, but Tuesday seems like a get-it-done kind of day, plenty of work-week left to make angry phone calls or email Senators and stuff like that.) (But…I digress.) (Try to act surprised about that.)

The thing I am most thankful for this week is that our new business is actually working. We may be launching with all the grace of a drunken pelican, but we are actually getting some air here. We’re paying our bills and keeping food on the table, and we haven’t gotten a single difficult or slow-paying client yet.

I am thankful that Eldest is charged up about her GATE (gifted and talented education) test tomorrow. That she can rock this thing is, well, you know…duh. Whether or not she will is another matter altogether. She is, after all, an artiste…a term which here means, “moody as heck.”

I am thankful for our reverse-osmosis water system, which eliminates at least 95% of the chlorine smell and taste from our tap water. Because, ew. (I swear my eyes were watering from the chlorine in the shower this morning.) (And we are supposed to drink that?! EW.)

I am thankful for Imodium. ‘Nuff (or perhaps too much) said.

I am thankful to be standing with a hot cup of coffee in a reasonably warm house as I gaze out my window over ice-fringed grass to watch a neighbor struggling to scrape the ice off her windshield.

I am doubly thankful that we finally got the garage cleared out enough that we can park Homer the Odyssey in there. No more credit-card ice-scraping five minutes before the kids are supposed to be at school!

I am thankful that y’all drop by to read my ramblings. Because otherwise I’d just be, you know, talkin’ to myself in public.

Which could get embarrassing.

So…thanks for being something to be thankful for, and have a thanks-worthy weekend.


Firegarnet said...

And I'm thankful for another post to read - especially on a Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

For the budget-minded, Wal-Mart sells a generic version of Immodium in their Equate brand. I used to buy medicines for a nursing home, and found the Equate products quite, well, equivalent.

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider getting a filter for your shower, too. That made a huge difference for us. Your skin absorbs tons of chlorine, just as if you were drinking it! (And we're so chlorine-sensitive that we can't swim in public pools.)

Rena said...

And I'm thankful for you and your writing and I'm sending Eldest Brilliant Energy for her test tomorrow. If she goofs off again I'll come down there and kick her butt. :-)

Crowzma said...

Nothing wrong with talking to yourself in public. I find it keeps the seriously unhinged at bay.

I'm thankful your new business is yielding something for you. That's great news.

And may Eldest truly rock the Gate.

Galad said...

Good news on the new business! There is a lot to be thankful for isn't there :-) Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from an equally chilly Ireland. Love your blog and your wagkt sense of humour makes me laugh. Could you just send a Walmart over here so,on a wet dreary February day I would have somewhere cheapand fon to walk aroud. Stores here are boring and tiny!!Do drop by, I'm always happy to meet guests.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the spelling mistakes,it's the little Sunday sherry tipple that just makes me a little blurry. I actually can spell and use the spacebar all at the same time!!

Another Joan said...

Thankful for your writing. Thankful for snowdrops in pots when there is over a foot of white stuff along the edge of my driveway. Thankful for the laughs you give me. Thankful for children who are smart enough to do well no matter what tests are presented. Thankful for the useful? educational? things I learn from you and your commenters. Thankful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tama,

Just had a friend send me this bit of gratitude, perhaps you'll like it too. I loved the *idea* of a painting-list almost as much as I loved the list.

WARNING: anyone who really doesn't need to hear the word gratitude in the same sentence as the new-White-House-occupant's name again for a while should skip this link, though it's more of a "happy American" list than fawning, fawning and then... more fawning.


Judy said...

I'm thankful that I have electricy again so I can read your wacky blog. Also thankful that we had supplemental heat and our kids and my MIL came to stay with us (but that is another story),
Hope Eldest did well.


Science PhD Mom said...

I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, or losing my house or my job. And thankful for blogs that remind me to be thankful. :)