Thursday, August 07, 2008

Technical Difficulties Take II

Guys, I swear to DOG…I’m about to give up on modern living. Seriously. I’m going to buy a cabin in the wilderness and live off the land by my wits alone

…uh…wait…maaaaaaybe not such a great idea…

ANYWAY. This morning, I went to see the dentist. It was a Grand and Glorious day BECAUSE! {trumpet fanfare!} I was finally getting the crown over the gaping hole where Tooth Number Three used to be.

It’s been 436 days since Tooth #3 was extracted. I am really ready to have a crown put on. It’s taken forever because we’re doing an implant rather than a bridge, which is going to be awesome and all…eventually. We had to wait for bone grafts to take and then we had to wait for the implant thingee to set in the new bone…wait wait wait.

Finally, last week, we took the impressions and my new crown was in and I went in to get the crown fixed into place and dudes – I was thinking steak for lunch, you know?

But. My run of technological impairment continues – the new crown doesn’t frakin’ fit.

An implant crown, it turns out, is a trickier deal than a mere stub-of-tooth crown. (When you have a root canal, for example, they’ll basically grind away 95% of your enamel and leave you with a little ‘post’ in the middle – that’s what the crown goes on.) The implant post is basically a screw. And the implant-crown has screw threads in the middle of it. (I am way simplifying here. The dentist used lots of big words like ‘abutment’ and ‘lateral’ and ‘bobba-something-or-other’.)

If the crown doesn’t screw down such that it is turned the right way…it won’t work.

Guess what? The crown the lab sent the dentist? Didn’t align right.


Also, my cell phone range TWICE while I was in the chair. I think it has a setting somewhere that only allows it to ring in meetings, church, and medical offices.

The good news is, the phone calls were to inform me that the laptop is (allegedly) imaged and ready to go, and I should have it in my hot little hands tonight.

Which is great!

But. (You knew there’d be a but, right?) But, I still don’t have my remote access credentials. Which means that I still have to call the help desk and ask about them, and see if I can bully them into giving me a temporary ID and password, and you know what?

That cabin is starting to sound awfully good again…


Yarnhog said...


Can I join you in that cabin? I'll bet if we got a couple more knitters together, we could make a go of it.

knitalot3 said...

Could we have running water in the kitchen and bathroom and no men (toilet seat issue).

Nicole said...

I totally know what you mean about the phone ringing.
I also went to the dentist today, for a simple cleaning, and my phone rang NINE TIMES! Once was my father who happened to be waiting for me in the reception area.
The dentist got a kick out of that one though, custom ring tones set to Johnny Cash are pretty cool in his book!

Science PhD Mom said...

I hope the 2nd time is the charm with the crown...seems like you've been waiting long enough for it, my goodness!

Anonymous said...

My family has a little piece of land in Appalachia, and we're already discussing the time when we'll start our "hillbilly commune". With the economy in its current state, I'm wondering if that time won't be sooner than we think. Sigh....have any good recipes for bear steaks or possum pie?