Saturday, July 28, 2007

Painting for my Own Twoo Lurve

Go ahead. Ask me what I’m doing today.

Why, I’m painting Captain Adventure’s bedroom!! See?


He turns three tomorrow, and I figured that it was high time we actually, ya know, finished the kid’s room.

Never let it be said that I am in danger of being ‘proactive’.

A coat of primer is drying even now, and soon we will begin the process of putting pale blue on the upper half, and ‘star command’ blue on the bottom half, and he will officially have the fanciest paint job in the Den. Because goodness knows, doing a two-toned paint theme in his bedroom totally makes up for the fact that we brought him home from the hospital and said, “Oh, uh, where exactly are we gonna put this kid?”.

And then walling up the retreat and leaving it that way, with raw drywall and dinged up walls for, uh, well, a really long time.

After all, it was such a surprise and all. We only had a year of deciding whether or not to go for it followed by a mere nine months of gestation before suddenly and without warning we went in for a planned c-section and came home with !SURPRISE! a new baby.

A new baby…who turns three tomorrow. My babysitter observed that my son, like hers, is an awful lot like a miniature boyfriend – not ‘spouse’, but boyfriend. You know, for all the reasons that they never progress from boyfriend TO spouse, because they’re needy and clingy and demanding and otherwise want to control every aspect of your life, including when you go to the bathroom and how long you spend in there.

Eh. What can I say. He’s cute, has a great laugh and gives great kisses. I think I’ll keep him.

Lurve, twoo lurve…


MadMad said...

I notice you have a plug with the plate missing there, in prep for your paint job. Well, if the plate is back on within 2 years of the paint job... well then, you'll be doing better than me!

Amy Lane said...

Hee hee...The Cave Troll is 3 1/2--I love that description--it's PERFECT!!!

And Happy Birthday Captain Adventure... I hope your Star Command blue walls are to your specifications...

PipneyJane said...

Sounds like my idea of decorating. We moved in 4 years ago next month and still haven't done more than re-arrange the furniture we brought with us! :o)

He'll love it all the more because he'll think that you did it at his command.

- Pam

Yarnhog said...

Good for you! I love decorating my kids' rooms, because they don't have to be serious and sophisticated. I can build an entire room around lego storage or paint clouds on the ceiling and stars on the walls. Every couple of years I redo one of them to accommodate a growing kid.