Monday, July 02, 2007

Do we rock? YES WE DO!!!

Mrs. H over at I Like Yarn tagged me with a Rockin’ Girl Blogger award!

Rockin’ Girl Blogger

Eeeeeee! It’s PINK!! And thank you so much for thinking of me, Mrs. H. It feels down-to-the-toes wonderful to know you’re enjoying my tales of chaos!

It’s funny, when I started flipping through my (rather too long, actually) blog list, I realized: MOST of the ones I read regularly are rockin’ girls. And also, most of them have already been tagged. @*^&@. See, this is what happens when you come late to the party…

But I did find a few who haven’t already been tagged (I hope!!):

Clare from Three Beautiful Things. This is an awesome ‘feel good’ blog, short and sweet – every day, she posts up three things that gave her that warm-fuzzy that day. I love this blog to distraction, because the world is so full of the negative, the scary, the pissed-off-and-ranty – and Three Beautiful Things is a place of refreshingly simple beauty.

Coach Susan from Varsity Butt Dent Squad. Funny, tart-n-sweet, and very, very real.

Amy Lane of Yarning to Write. She’s got three books out with a fourth on the way and oh yeah, by the way, somehow manages to keep up with a full time job teaching, knitting and motherhood.

I've been flipping through a lot of the blogs sporting this little button, and dang! This is some AWESOME company to be in!! We are a smart, sassy, witty crowd out here in Internetville, people - it is a marvelous thing, to have all our voices out here being heard.

I came to blogging rather reluctantly, to be honest; I resisted, I argued, I said “no, really, the boards are fine...”

Ultimately, it was the freedom to put out my own voice in all its weird, “...oh yeah and also...” disconnected craziness that put me here. There is no ‘OT’ on my blog. In fact, it could be argued that the whole thing is nothing but a long ‘OT’ ramble, about nothing and everything, in no particular order. It is here to amuse my family (hi, mom!!), my friends, and you. To make you smile, to maybe give you something to think about, maybe save you a little money here or there, or at least let you know you aren’t alone with the crazy. There’s at least one other person who loses her keys at least once, another person who goes out to get the newspaper, calls said newspaper in a rare fury because it isn’t there AGAIN for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW, only to be reminded by the customer service rep that she, uh, kinda cancelled the paper two weeks ago...

Heh heh. Yeah. I knew that. I was, uh, testing you guys, that’s what. OK. So. Good job! And I’ll…just…ring off now, shall I…?

Thanks for reading, and for writing your own stories. I look forward to them, every time I log on.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the one person a day whose dog/cat/kid/unsuspecting boyfriend "fixes" her yarn/knitting in some way.... :)

Hope the denizens are doing well!

Amy Lane said...

Or the person who has credit card 'accidents' at the fiber conventions... just so they can knit their kids a 'reasonably priced' sweater:-)

Thanks for the tag--it's good to be a rockin' girl!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely a rockin' girl! You have provided me with some of the best snort-out-loud moments I've had in a long time. Keep it up. Oh, and hug the Denizens as thanks from another mom who lives in chaos. It helps to know I'm not alone!