Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spider Has Moves

I’m sitting here, reading blogs, just minding my own business. Well. And that of a dozen or so fellow bloggers. Suddenly, something lands on my nose. I stare down at it, cross-eyed and perplexed. At first, I think it is a rather large dust mote.

But it is not a dust mote. Same color, but…livelier.

It is a spider. A tiny little white spider, probably mere hours old.

The spider is doing a little dance. I am going to call it the “Hey, where am I, this doesn’t look like the desktop to me!” boogie.

Just as I am about to reach up and flick the minute (but impudent!) beggar off my nose, it apparently somehow attaches a line to my person (the nerve!) and rappels down to the floor, disappearing into the carpet forever before I have time to react.

And now, I am left to sit here wondering: Did that just really happen? Or have I had one too many Monster Energy drinks tonight? There are a lot of buggy visitors in the Den right now, but still – how often does a spider drop from the ceiling onto one’s nose, do a little boogie, and then fling itself to the floor?

Probably squeaking, Thank you, and GOODNIGHT! all the way…


RM Kahn said...

He was probably also saying, 'Thank you! I'll be here all week."

froggiemeanie said...

Eww. I have no problem with bugs but I prefer they keep their myriad of legs to themselves. No freakier feeling than having a bug do the jitterbug on your flesh. Ick.

PipneyJane said...

I have a mixed reaction to bugs. Outside, they're fine. It's there natural environment and I'm the intruder. I just back away quietly (or swipe them off) and leave them alone.

Inside - it's war! They are the enemy and must be destroyed. :o)

- Pam

Jen said...

I would've screamed, beat at it until I gave myself a bloody nose, and generally made a total fool of myself. I hate spiders. LOL

Amy Lane said...

No...he was a hallucinogenic dream induced by too many Disney videos where, you may have noticed, EVERYTHING talks, dances, and generally boogies where it doesn't belong.