Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And also, I am apparently knitting an American flag

I swear I am not lying, it did not occur to me that this project was 4th-of-July-ish until a very nice old lady wandered up to me at the doctor’s office and said, “Oh my, isn’t that sweet – for a July baby, I assume?”


I looked at it.

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And I thought, Oh my dog. Red. White. Blue. Stripes.

Instantly, I’m hearing parade music in my head: Three cheers for the red, white and blue

♬ dah-nah-nah, dah-nah-nah, dah-nah-nah, nah! ♬

But wait, it gets better! I had just this morning begun pondering doing a wider blue stripe at the top, across the chest, with little white STARS in it!, and STILL, it had not occurred to me that this would be a little American-Flag-Ish.


Seriously. It’s one thing to be hit with tunnel vision when it comes to craft projects. But when you start thinking about adding white stars on a blue background, to a red and white and blue striped object…c’mon.


How does one born and raised in this country, by rather patriotic parents, who sang the National Anthem by age six and knew the Pledge of Allegiance before she entered kindergarten, thank you mom and dad, manage to get this far into a project without saying, “Wow. This is, like, an American Flag Theme!”

The fact that I found myself putting my right hand over my heart every time I looked at it should have been a clue, people.

And, thank $DEITY even parents who are normally very fashionable lose their fashion sense after the birth of a baby and really, really love to dress their wee ones up for holidays. “EEEEE! Isn’t it cute, honey! Poopsie looks like a cute widdle American flag!

(By the way, you see what I mean about the Quick Knit thing? //ZOOM//!!)


froggiemeanie said...

Sooooooo, whatcha gonna do about it? Be patriotic or riiiiiiiip?

Amy Lane said...

*lol* Yeah... it occurred to me...then I thought 'well, aren't those colonial colors as well? Or sailor colors?' (cuz that duck might be somebody's mooooooooo-ther....) Hey--did I read you're going to stitches West? Are you taking the train? We could breeze right past each other and not even know...