Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meanwhile, back in California…

People, just look at what I noticed popping up in my backyard this morning:


My rose bushes are likewise putting forth wee little tentative shoots and otherwise indicating that yes, please, they think Spring should be here soon.

While I’m delighted to see them, I’m also a bit worried. We’re having some rather boomerangish weather this year, in the teens one night and the thirties the next, and I’m pretty sure these little blooms will be deeply unhappy if we get another freeze.

But I’m not going to fret about that right now. Because today? Today has been a darned good day. Everybody woke up in a great mood, everybody went off to school and/or work with minimal fussing, and the sunrise? Gorgeous. It’s like, Nature knows that it really, really stinks to be up so early, so She throws you a little bone. There, there, She says. It’s not so bad – look at all these glorious soft pinks and oranges and reds, and this perfect crescent moon winking at the rising sun. There, aren’t you glad you were up to see this?

I got a ton of work out this morning AND FOR BONUS POINTS, was actually and in as many words thanked for it!

Three times.

Plus also, for no apparent reason, someone sent me a package of spinach seeds. Well, it wasn’t for no reason. They would like me to join a garden club. Which I’m not going to do because I have learned my lesson on club-joining, to wit, I am not going to enjoy the real benefits of the club because whatever it is they’re sending to everybody is going to be the ONE THING I’m not interested in doing/reading/growing.

But I appreciate the seeds nevertheless, because I didn’t buy spinach seeds for my impending Victory Garden…thought about it, because I love spinach…but didn’t because I was getting awfully close to my budget cap and the Denizens on the whole are not that keen on it (imagine, children not liking spinach!)…and now? Lo and behold, here they are.

Spinach seeds.

So in due course there will be lovely, fresh-from-the-garden spinach for the dinner table after all.

And I’m sure my children would like to THANK THEM VERY MUCH.


froggiemeanie said...

It is very, very, very cold in my corner of the world tonight and there is lots and lots and lots of snow in my yard. Why do I live in Canada? Why, why, why? Part of me wants to shun you, part of me wants to apply to be your au pair.

P.S. Glad your day was better. You were really due to have a good one.

CageyCottage said...

We grew spinach once, when I was kids. Rather, we planted spinach once, and it grew "forever". One minute we had a lovely garden with spinach and a beautiful spring green lawn, and the next thing we knew, we had a dark green lawn of spinach overtaking our back yard.


PS - people miss you at the Fool.

Amy Lane said...

I worship garden people. I"ll never be one, but the respect is there...

Susan said...

Nope, they'll be perfectly fine. Daffys love the cold weather. They need it even.