Monday, February 19, 2007

Just one moment of silence

Apparently, the one thing that I am absolutely, positively, no matter what not allowed to have, is a moment of silence.

Not one.

Right now, the husband is blaring movie trailers three feet from my ear. He has Captain Adventure on his lap, wrapped in a towel after his bath. The middle two girls are in the bathtub shrieking and splashing. The CD player is going in the other room. Eldest is banging on the piano.

I have asked. I have pleaded. I have even yelled and screamed.

Will any of them shut up, for even one (1) minute?


They will not.

And you know what comes next, right?

“Oh. I thought you did the taxes yesterday.”
“Any idea what’s for dinner?”
“Hey, have you figured out how we’re paying for {extravagant item here} yet? But! {Honey, Mommy}, I reeeeeallllllly waaaaaaaniiiit…”
“What do you mean you’re not done working yet? You’ve been in here for sixteen hours!”


And then they wonder why I am a mental case, most of the time.


Lisa T said...

Nope, sorry, they're only pretending to wonder.

This too is part of the plan.

Rabbitch said...

I suspect your family and mine are closely related.

I have a six year old who wakes me to let me know she's going to let me have a nap ...

keryn said...

One Saturday my husband said to our son, as they were playing and I was working on a digitising contract, 'If Mummy Reeeally loved us she would stop that and make us some lunch...'

Mummy does love them, but she didn't make lunch that day. Daddy learned about sharing responsibility.....

froggiemeanie said...

I feel your pain. It's no wonder I'm scatterbrained all the time. I can't hear myself THINK.

Very Herodotus said...

I can't stand a blaring TV. That's one thing that will get to me every time. That, and "Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy.. but but mommy can I mommy mommy but mommy..."

Amy Lane said...

Gods...they have it down to a science, don't they... mine too--wait until the middle-school years, they're freakin' masters at it.