Monday, November 25, 2013

The word of the day is ‘random’

I am having an extremely random day today. One of those days where the overall team is on some kind of mission to hit me with as many things as possible simultaneously, so that both of my monitors are absolutely littered with instant message conversations, none of which have any bearing on any other.

Which of course is how one ends up replying, “NoNoNo, the second one!” to someone asking something like “how many tables are there in production today?”

Which is a tad confusing for the person receiving said message.

On the bright side, this sort of thing is pretty much the status quo for the team as a whole, so nobody is particularly surprised and/or offended that I’ve got multiple conversation going at any one time. And a tendency to fire off the reply to Convo #7 into Convo #3’s window. It’s a THING with us.

But, this general air of interposed subjects also extends well beyond the “inflicted upon me” realms and into my own thoughts; it’s the kind of day where even my own internal dialog is not safe from random interjections of an unrelated nature.

Like, “So, if we want to load this table from here and put it there, then we could definitely that whole bag of winter shirts is just plain GONE, I’ll bet someone accidentally put it out on the curb for pickup by the veteran’s group or something avoid cross-contamination between the application tier and the analysis tier and wait, what just happened there…?”

It’s making things a touch more challenging than is typical for me. Go figure.

I figured I just had to muscle through the work day, and then I’d be more or less safe, with only the interjected thoughts about missing bags of winter clothes, whether or not the “big” coffee maker’s filter had been emptied before it was put back in the hutch and like that. Because they would be the only thoughts I had to contend with, and all the work thoughts would just go ahead and put themselves on hold until tomorrow.


So right after I had shed the work-day and arrived safely home, Danger Mouse skittered sideways into my room, shouted something that sounded like “OHMYGAH YOUTUBE SEARCH ‘DOGE MEME’ COMIC SANS MUCH COLORING WOW!” at me, and ran out again.

Leaving me to ponder a) ??“doge”?? and b) wut?

So naturally, I went to YouTube and put in ‘doge’.

I was still puzzled.

Then I let the auto-fill finish to ‘doge meme.’

And then I was all, “Ohhhhhh, heh heh…Easter egg…but…why…what the heck is a doge, is that a breed or something? I still don’t…get it…”

So I Googled it. Many pages later, I was still confused. Because, wut?


a) I am old,

b) and also out of it,

c) I have neither a Reddit nor a Tumblr account, so naturally

c) I still don’t really get it, BUT ALL THAT ASIDE,

d) the winter clothes are definitely straight-up missing, like they were abducted by aliens or something,

e) so, I have precisely two (2) long-sleeved shirts to my name right now

f) the filters are fine, it’s just that you have to actually turn the heater on for it to do much

g) yes, I forgot that

h) and that other thing

i) dentistry sucks

j) I may now begin greeting people by saying, “What up, my doge?!”

k) which will naturally sound utterly ridiculous coming from me

l) and if I had a social standing, it would likely be ruined by it
m) I now have a better understanding of what the everlastin’ heck people are doing in Trade Chat on Warcraft, because “friendship, so much loving, wow” has been really perplexing me as it goes by

…sigh…I think I may go take a bath or something, before I hurt myself with all this randomness…

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