Monday, December 17, 2012


It has been a helluva week-and-some. And, having written about a fifty page rant about the what-all and where-fors and what-the-#&^!s…it remains a better idea not to go into a whole lot of detail.

I honestly don’t know whether or not the whole situation is going to end in lawsuits being filed, or if I’ll be dragged into them if it does, or…what.

So I’ll have to content myself with the following observations in re: The Recent Drama (now with More Drama). It has been…

  • A massive upheaval
  • With rather reprehensible-no-matter-how-you-slice-it causes
  • Also, stupid causes
  • Affecting not just me but up to thirty people directly
  • …which doesn’t even begin to count the innocent bystanders who are also taking shrapnel of various sorts…
    • In the collective experience of said parties, we have never actually been party to something like this
      • Heard stories, but never seen first-hand
  • Also, it is stupid
  • AND upsetting
  • AND has added untold stress to the holidays
    • which may be a hanging offense
    • because they’re hardly stress-free as it is, am I right?!
  • We’ll all be OK in the end
  • But it ain’t gonna be fun, for anybody – even the perps
  • Not that anybody is all that concerned for them, really
  • By the way, did I mention the stupid part?
    • …because seriously, The Stupid, it deserves capital letters, that is how Stupid it is…
  • In related news, I’m very annoyed with myself for being unable to achieve pure wrath about the whole mess
    • Seriously, that damned ability of mine to simultaneously not forgive it one bit…
    • …buuuuuuut still “get” how it wasn’t necessarily done with malice aforethought by a mustache-twirling villain…
    • …is really annoying when you know you have every right to be “I am going to introduce your face to my knuckles” pissed off
      • Just. Sayin’.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, we are two and a half days away from putting this last sprint to bed – and then we have a week and a half of outright shut down. The building is literally closed. Like, locked. Like, I don’t care WHAT your badge says / how “urgent” and/or “vital” it is, you can’t come in until January 3 closed.

I am living for next week right now. I plan to spend most of that time off doing what I consider to be the best thing for surviving everything from work upheavals to Zombpocalypse: I shall knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.

(I just cast on a…well, I think it will be a vest. It’s one of those projects, so, I have a rough idea where it’s going but at the same time, it is doing stuff like being fine with being ‘a plain red vest’ but then abruptly deciding on the BART ride home that it must have some black accent around the bottom, like, right now, and that it probably wants some kind of motif above the black accent that may or may not involve birds.)

(I know which pattern it means by that, but I’m not convinced it would actually fit well given the number of stitches and the yarn type we’re working with here.)

(Projects are funny that way. They can be extremely artistic and have excellent ideas about what they could or should become, but their math and ability to balance concept with realistically possible stinks on ice.)


PipneyJane said...

Are you sure you don't work with me? (Actually, I know you don't but it sounds like some of your colleagues are doppelgaengers of people from around here. Fun, not.)


Enjoy your break. For most of my career, I've worked for companies that shut down between Christmas and New Year, and I can thoroughly recommend it. It's the best break ever, since it gives you time to recharge after the madness that is Christmas. Good knitting weather, too. (Speaking of which, when I told I colleague that I knit so that I don't kill people, his response was "knit 1, purl 1, stab 1, kill 1".)

If I don't speak to you beforehand, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

- Pam

ZT! said...

Holy Cow! do you work with me? I mean, we're having a program implode in one of those scary, take no prisoners apocalypse thingies. About the time I decided there was no help, they moved me to another program. At first I was mad, I wanted to fix the one Implodey one, darnit! But yaknow what? It's better over here. I'm sleeping and eating and spending time with mah hubster. And come the new year, there's a better than average chance I'll still have a job. (But I still cried a bit Sunday after talking someone from the implodey program off a ledge. I'm relieved to be way over here, but they're my friends. And I still care.)

Hester from Atlanta said...

Oh Gosh - what a mess - we had a major implode stick in your eye mess last December and somehow we are all still here. Egads - what a way to end the year. Go kick . . . - well I can't think of anything to kick right now that won't hurt you back.

Take care and enjoy that week off!

Best- Hester

Rena said...

Holy Hell, woman, are you okay? sending you lots of love and many happy hours knitting up a storm. love ya sis.