Monday, August 06, 2012

From a distance

This is Al. (Short for Albert. Because he was purchased to replace Vicky The Purple Civic after her fatal run-into by a large diesel truck. And we are very odd people who will make Vicky => Victoria => Albert connections, and then promptly only refer to him as Al. WELCOME TO AMERICA.)

Al is getting a long-overdue tuneup and oil change today.

And I was noticing that, from a distance - which causes all the dust and bird offerings to magically disappear - he doesn't look half bad for a car of over 100K.

So - to sum up: if you do not tailgate, your car will look approximately 10,000 times cooler.


PipneyJane said...

Glad I'm not the only one who names their cars. The Toy is rapidly approaching 260,000 miles. He had windscreen #6 installed last week and the technician did a double take when he checked the milometer ( (stone on the M4 resulting in a central chip).

Did I mention that DH's new car is called "Frank"? His registration number starts FR, so it fitted.

CeltChick said...

Our current autos are the Black Purl (a very ragged Malibu; originally was to be Barbie Malibu), and the Red Menace (a truly non-threatening Dodge Neon). We have always named our cars; doesn't everyone? Both are hanging tough with lotsa miles on the odometers. Good to know there's a way to improve their appearance...