Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday and the weekend went fast!

This weekend vanished with alarming speed, leaving way too much undone. I still haven't gotten the spring transplants started, there are still areas of the house that make me shudder, I haven't even GLANCED at the taxes yet, and furthermore...I got very little knitting done this weekend. MEH.

But, I was able to start seaming this little guy on the train this morning. So, things are looking up a bit, huh?!


PipneyJane said...

Oohhh... Pretty!!!

What is the pattern, please?

Also, a thought just occured to me - when you're that close to finishing a project, do you carry a spare into work with you? Curious minds want to know... (FWIW, back when I had the mega-commute by train across London, I'd regularly take two books with me - the one I was reading and the one I'd read next, because it was guaranteed I'd finish the first book half way home. Kindles weren't even a glint in anyone's eye back then.)

- Pam

Anna said...


Two questions:

1. That's not a seamless raglan? Fooled me.

2. You don't block before seaming? Do you block after? Do you ever get ripples?

Curious minds want to know.