Friday, July 22, 2011

The Friday Roundup

It’s been busy kind of week around the Den; which I know is an awful lot like saying it was a dusty week in the potato fields or a cold week in Antarctica, but still.

It was a busy week.

And I totally caused it, because I said to myself on Sunday night that I was not going to let this week get away from me, and that I was going to control my workflow, and furthermore I was going to do X many household chores every day, without fail!, on account of because I was not going to stay too late at work or stay in front of my computer on a work-from-home day until four hours after the world ended, and a few other arrogant “I seem to think I am in charge or something” statements like that.

SO NATURALLY, we had load issues, server issues, source feed issues, and the annual IPP meeting for Captain Adventure (and he THREW UP during it – awesome) (twice, actually…and then he was fine), plus the sprinklers are leaking again and the new-school-year stuff is starting to lurch into the mailbox, PLUS I have a bunch of pin-action from the meat arriving that I have to deal with (cooking up stuff that didn’t fit in the freezer or that really needed to get used right away anyway).

My bedroom is covered in laundry, clean and otherwise, because the dining room table was still covered in laundry four minutes before our IPP was supposed to start. I was frantically running up and down the stairs unloading basket after basket of stuff onto our bed, trying to clear a space.

And there it has stayed. Because after that, I was in the office. And then today when I was home again, I got busy. Because there was stuff going on.

But yesterday, I had A Moment…because I was looking at my work calendar and going, “Holy Too Many Meetings Next Week, Batman!!” with associated griping about ‘how do they expect me to get anything done when I’m stuck in endless meetings to yak about the work that isn’t getting done…and then I noticed the proximity of the all purple days.

Holy How Did Upcoming Vacation Days Sneak Up On Me Again, Batman!?

On the one hand, I can’t wait. It will be so good not to have to get up at SHRIEK o’clock and sit in front of a computer squinting at counts and not-counts and all like that. And I’ve got an awful lot of stuff in the “pending” folder that I need to deal with during Normal Business Hours™ that I just can’t seem to get to thanks to me and “normal” being barely even nodding acquaintances.

On the other hand, I am finding it increasingly hard to let it go. Which is a little weird for me, but there it is…they’re becoming “my” systems, and I worry about them.

Or more specifically, I worry about my team. There are an awful lot of eyes on us right now, and there’s an awful lot of moving parts involved, and no one person could possibly keep their eyeballs on them all. And I worry that something ugly will go down while I’m organizing my Mason jar lids (oooooo, can’t you just feel the excitement?!), and nobody will catch it.

Which is not to say that I would, mind you…it’s just that an extra set of eyes never hurts.

Sucks working with and for people you like. Because then you care if they get chewed up by an irate boss’s boss’s boss because Something got through our checks and balances. Curses, why couldn’t my team be full of idiots, losers and jerks?!

…um…wait…{mulls that over}…yeah, on reflection, I think I’ll keep what I’ve got, thanks.

Especially since it includes many tokens of appreciation…such as these.

Mah haul!

That’s right. All this, just for me. Because I have the crafty kids.

Dey see mah desk…dey be hatin’.


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