Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...let there be lunch (and YET ANOTHER meeting!)

Yeah...about what I expected. I have been hunched over at my desk since 6:45. Thus far, I have...
1. Been alerted to a Weirdness in our test environment
2. Traced it to being Not Us
3. Asked Them if by any chance their whatnot undid our thingee.
4. Gotten a '!!!!!!!!!' From Them...and the assurance that it will be fixed immediately-as-in-today.
5. Discovered one of my base snaps apparently had a failure because holy crap...5 million rows v.3000? Yeah, SOMETHING ain't right there...
6. Documented 4 & 5, above.
7. Fixed 5.
8. Attended 2.5 hours of meetings.
9. Realized I had to pee...really, really badly (apologies for the TMI there, but, heh-heh...yeah. welcome to a day in mah life. I also sometimes get alllllll the way to, like, 4 pm before realizing I never ate lunch. Or breakfast. GEE, why AM I so shaky?!)
10. Oh yeah...lunch...!

Readers, meet lunch! Lunch, Readers! Lunch is some beans I made yesterday - these are red calypso beans, slow-baked in some white vinegar, brown sugar, pepper, salt AND...hickory syrup.

You read right: hickory SYRUP. Like maple syrup, but made from hickory bark and sugar. It's fascinating. So like maple syrup, yet so DIFFERENT...makes some darn tasty beans, too!

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